It is like an ordinary flooring when you walk on it.

It will change the physical property when you fall on it, absorbing more than 80% of the impact force that can cause serious injuries.

Smart Protection Technology

ShockPro is a smart protection material developed by Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI) in Hong Kong.

  • A slim, flexible and cost effective impact protection material.
  • Pre-existed micro network transforms in milliseconds into a strong network under impact.
  • Absorbs the impact force and changes it to heat energy.
  • Force reduction > 80% at a thickness of 10mm.

Four Unique Features of ShockPro Safety Flooring

  • Safety – Significantly reduces fall related injuries.

  • Supportive & Stable – Reduces balance issues, and support many rolling loads.
  • Easy for maintenance and hygiene – Bacteria-free & will not absorb liquid.
  • Durable and affordable – 5 years warranty.



Thickness: 10mm
Dimensions: 500 x 500mm /pc