Safety Tips for Elders

According to the research jointly conducted by the Housing Society and Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2011, the fall rate of community living elders was 20%. Environmental factors and chronic diseases were closely associated with fall.

  • The highest risk profile is female, with fall history and taking drugs related to diabetes or arthritis
  • Most of the falls happened in the toilet, bathroom and near the chair or stool
  • The highest risk lies in “height difference”, such climbing up and down, threading down from chairs or stools and walking up and down steps

The Jockey Club Cadenza training program gave the following suggestions to elders and their family members:

  • Select chairs with back support
  • Remove loosely placed household sundries
  • Use anti-slip tiles or carpet in the toilet
  • Improving lighting condition near the toilet
  • Periodically inspect the walking aids

Free Resources Related to Fall Prevention

  • The Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of Hong Kong Chinese University has organized a Community Fall Prevention Campaign (, some useful resources include:
  • Simple screening test to assess the fall risk
  • Fall prevention shoes
  • A booklet for preventing recurrence of bone fracture
  • Ten Combo Fall Prevention Exercise DVD

Safety Tips for Hiking

Install the Enjoy Hiking App

  • Users can activate the “Hiker Tracking Service” function prior to starting the hiking trip
  • The GPS system will auto feed tracking location and the data will be recorded at the service centre
  • The data could be only retrieved by the police or fire department to facilitate rescue
  • A short video about the hiker tracking service: [English Version] Enjoy Hiking Apps -「GPS-tracking service」by CAHK