Infrared Bed-exit Detector

Innovative Design from Japan

Use two types of infrared sensors

– Human motion sensor

– Distance detection sensor

 Three infrared beams will detect the body movement and position of the user

Advantages and Benefits

1.  When the user is trying to get up but still in the bed, the detector will trigger the alarm because of the potential hazard.

2.  The detector is compact and lightweight, could be easily moved from one room to another room.

3.  The detector is easy to use, and the three operation modes could meet the needs of different users.

Comparison with Bed-exit Pad

Operation Mode A

  • For users who are physically stronger, but have hazards to leave the bed alone
  • When the user is trying to get up, the alarm will be triggered

Operation Mode B

  • For users who are physically weaker
  • When the user has moved to some dangerous positions, the alarm will be triggered

Operation  Mode C

  • For users who have wandering behavior
  • When the user has left the bed but does not return after a pre-set time frame, the alarm will be triggered

The alarm could be connected to the existing nursing call system

LoRa – Long range RF wireless technology

New generation of RF technology

  • Long distance (≈400m)
  • Anti-interference
  • 920MHz (Exempted from licensing HKCA 1035)
  • Suitable to use in nursing home environment
  • Can be used with a mobile receiver