About Dr. Philip Fung

Dr. Philip Fung is the founder of Safe Concept. He is a seasoned human resources consultant and has more than 20 years experience in leadership development and organisational development. In the last ten years, his focus was to assist NGOs in strategic planning and service innovation. Through his interaction with social workers, middle and senior management of NGOs, he recognized the growing and unfilled needs of elderly, people with disabilities and chronic diseases. As Hong Kong moved further into an aging society, we need new paradigms and intervention strategy. He believes e-health products and related services could be an answer.

2017 September Newsletter – Enjoy your retirement with the Smart Home System

Most people are longing for retirement with their spouse, with no need to work, get stuck in busy traffic during peak hours or serve the demanding boss. They might travel around the world for vacation or go aboard to visit their grandchildren. After all these, retirees have to plan their daily schedule such as hiking with friends, learning new knowledge or participating in volunteer work. However, some might experience trouble as their memory seems deteriorating when transiting from the world of work to the world of leisure. For example : […]

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2017 August Newsletter – Moving from centre based to home based interventions for people at early stage of dementia

Dementia has become a pressing social and health issue, especially in developed economies like Hong Kong. Many NGOs in Hong Kong have provided centre based programs, which include physical exercises, recreational activities and cognitive training for dementia people, and also caring skills for the caregivers. […]

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2017 July Newsletter – The use of smart home system for people with Dementia

Dementia and its prevalence in HK Dementia is a neurological disease due to the damage of brain cells.  It causes loss [...]

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2017 June Newsletter – Close Encounter with Israel’s technology companies?

I have heard many stories about the success of Israel in military and technology. From the Bible and the suffering of [...]

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2017 April Newsletter – Assistive technology makes Aging in Place A Smart Living

According to government statistics, the population of persons with chronic diseases had reached 1,375,200, being 19.2% of the Hong Kong population. Half of this group are aged 65 or above.   Co-mobidity is common amongst them. […]

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2017 March Newsletter – Utilizing technology-enabled devices to live a Healthy Golden Age

Census and Statistic Department, HKSAR had released the report of 2016 Population by-census. The figures revealed that Hong Kong becomes an [...]

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2017 Feb Newsletter –Early Detection of Alzheimer’s disease by retinal imaging device

Many people confuse Alzheimer's disease with dementia. There are numerous causes leading to dementia and Alzheimer is the most common type [...]

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2017 January issue – New Health Care Model for our Ageing Society

1) We need a new paradigm of health care A paradigm is a world view. It is the pair of glasses through [...]

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2016 December issue – How e-health products bring about a revolutionary change in health care

Wearable devices are getting popular these days, especially among those who are health conscious and love to train their bodies by [...]

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2016 November issue : e-health and wearable device

1. What is e-health and why Hong Kong needs it The World Heath Organisation (WHO) defines e-health as "the [...]

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