Preventing falls in the elderly, no time to lose

Do you know that?

  • Each year about 40,000 seniors were treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries.
  • Lying on the floor for an extended period of time can lead to serious complications including pneumonia, dehydration, and even death.
  • The Civil Aid Service (CAS) reported that one third of the mountain rescue cases are people hiking alone
  • People with Parkinson’s Diseases (PD) have twice the risk of fall than their peers.
  • In Hong Kong, around 60,000 have epilepsy. During a seizure, the person may experience loss of consciousness and fall forward.
  • Stroke survivors are at high risk of fall. Within 6 months after discharge from hospitals, their risk of fall is 70% higher than people of the same age.

What happened after the fall?

  • Among the seniors treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries, 25% could have bone fracture. For those who have hip fracture, 80% will suffer from a rapid decline of heath, and 30% die within one year
  • For those people who are hiking alone, if they fall and have serious injuries, they may lose consciousness and unable to call for help.
  • Fear Of Falling (FOF) has been recognized as a specific syndrome of the older people, typically related to an increase of anxiety and neuroticism.

What can you do?

  • Take preventive measures based on the risk factors of different people.
  • Use e-health technology to detect the fall events and call for emergency assistance.
  • Making simple changes in the home environment, or selecting a suitable of pair of shoes, could greatly reduce the risk of fall.

Fall Detector

It is a personal safety device that provides highly sensitive automatic fall detection. In the case of a fall occurs, the fall detector will call for emergency assistance through the mobile phone.


Impact Absorbing Flooring

It is an impact flooring solution that can reduce the risk of fall-related injuries.


Other safety products

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