Dr. Philip Fung, the CEO and Founder of Safe Concept presented the report of the stroke prevention project, in the press conference held by Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service on 12 October 2017 with the some topic. Dr. Fung shared the result of the stroke prevention project held from April to August 2017. The project, collaborated with three non-government organizations (NGO) , recruited 59 people aged between 50-65, with stroke risk factors. They underwent the automatic retinal image analysis (ARIA) as pretest to screen the risk of stroke and 26 participants with higher risk joined the 12-week health improvement. The program contained educational group sessions with individual follow-up, for acquiring self-management skills & building up a healthy lifestyle. 21 of participants completed the program and post-test. We are glad to have over 1/3 of the participants lowered their risk level on stroke. Full report please refers to the Chinese version 計劃報告書.

Safe Concept is committed to explore and integrate technologies for the solution of  better health and home safety.