Safety Mats


We are the distributor of Personal Safety Corporation. Based in the USA, this company has a wide range of safety products such as bedside safety mat and alarm mat.

Secure Beveled edge safety MAT (SBEV-1)

Composed of 3 safety mats (38”x 36”)

Product features and benefits

  • Size: when spread out the size 38″ x 72″
  • Slip-resistance on both sides
  • High-impact absorption EVA foam
  • Low one-inch profile and beveled edges make it easy for users to step on and off mat
  • Beveled edge allows wheelchairs and medical equipment to easily roll over
  • Meets California #117 Flame Retardant Standards
  • Able to reduce the risk of head injury to 0.4%

Secure Reversible Alarming Safety Mats (MAT-4 Set)

Product features and benefits

  • Size: 24” x 72”
  • Heavy duty PVC
  • Slip resistance on both sides
  • Latex-free and flame resistant
  • Alarm sounds when users step on safety mat

Other safety products

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