Oxitone 1000 – The world first wrist-sensor pulse oximeter


  • wireless, convenient to use whenever you like, wherever you go.
  • biosenors in a comfortable watch-liked design enables continuous oxygen monitoring without fingertip probe.


  •  A breakthrough technology developed by a team of bio-medical scientists in Israel.
  • advanced analytics on the real-time pattern of SpO2, pulse, activity, sleep.
  • Protected by 5 patents


  • medical grade vitals tracker for user, care givers and medical professionals.
  • FDA Approval 510K


People who need continuous monitoring of their blood oxygen level, such as :

  • Patients facing high risk of hypoxia, such as people with COPD, Congestive Heart Failure and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
  • For frail elderly and people with special medical conditions who need 24-hour intensive care.
  • For runners, hikers and players doing intensive physical exercise.
  • People working in confined space where oxygen level is low.


  • Show the time
  • Measure SPO2 ( blood oxygen level ) & pulse
  • Shows messages if measurement value is out of normal range, or some other unusual condition detected.
  • Record daily steps
  • Record the level of sleep
  • Set your care plan and daily step goal which helps you to self-manage your health.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly report available in the cloud.
  • Choose and manage the list of contact person to share the report.
Product Specifications
Compliance : U.S. FDA Class II device Accuracy : Oxygen saturation (70-100%) ±2%

Pulse ±3%

Battery life : Up to 24 hours Weight : 90 gram (3.15 oz)
App : Android and iOS version Dimension : 61 x 37 x 16.6 mm